Welcome to the
Oh My! Marketplace

Welcome to the Oh My! Marketplace, a friendly online
market of services + supplies for creative entrepreneurs.

The galaxies of businessy  goodness available for entrepreneurs are vast and navigating them to find the right resources can be hard. Also for the services & suppliers to creative small businesses there was no one place that gathered the best resources together where makers could find them. Our marketplace was built after the success of the Guide to Businessy Goodness to let creatives stop scouring the internets looking for help and get back to crafting their businesses. With so many services and supplies available it was important to create a friendly knowledgeable place where creatives could turn to find help they could trust. Launched in 2013 our marketplace showcases some of the best our creative community has to offer makers & entrepreneurs but it is missing something special, you!

If your services, supplies or resources are meant for makers & creative small businesses then our marketplace could be for you. We are currently looking for new shops that offer: 


  • art licensing
  • blog design
  • bookkeeping/accounting
  • business planning
  • calligraphy
  • co-working spaces
  • copyediting
  • copywriting
  • creative event planning
  • custom engraving
  • engraving
  • graphic design
  • hand lettering
  • illustration
  • laser cutting
  • legal services
  • letterpress printing
  • manufacturing
  • making places
  • marketing
  • mentorship
  • offline classes
  • online classes
  • photography
  • printing services
  • retail & wholesale
  • retreats & events
  • screen printing
  • small business coaching
  • small business consulting
  • small business mentoring
  • software & app design
  • social media support
  • teaching & education
  • videography
  • virtual assistance & admin
  • web development


  • business materials
  • buttons, pins
  • clip art
  • custom stamps
  • digital templates
  • DIY creative kits
  • event supplies
  • fabric & notions
  • fibre arts supplies
  • office supplies
  • packaging materials
  • paper products
  • pattern making supplies
  • patterns
  • printed products
  • promotional supplies
  • shipping materials
  • tape, labels, stickers
  • tools for makers
  • tools for small businesses
  • vector graphics


  • arts organizations
  • blogs for the creative community
  • books
  • brick & mortar shops
  • community centres
  • digital resources
  • digital tools
  • e-books
  • magazines
  • non-profit
  • online classes
  • small business applications
  • small business software
  • websites for creative business & makers

Open Shop with OH MY!


  • STEP 2: Create your marketplace shop by clicking here. You’ll need to create a banner, profile, links, and 6 listings that link directly to your own sales pages, products or posts, don’t worry you can change this at any time!  All sales happen through your own payment methods and there are no percentages charged.
  • STEP 3: Your shop is ready & waiting for review! Submissions are curated because we have a high standard of awesome but within 24-48 hours of approval your shop will be published and you will receive your login info for shop updates. If for some reason your shop is not approved your membership fees will be refunded immediately with a letter of explanation.
  • EXTRAS: Marketplace members can submit one informational sponsored post ($175 value) per quarter to be featured Saturdays on OMHG using our easy online form.


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