Marketplace Membership FAQ 

What is the benefit of a marketplace membership?

  1. Meet your market: We connect you directly with our community of makers & creative entrepreneurs who are looking the best services, supplies & resources. Annual marketplace memberships are the best way to collaborate with OMHG as a community partner- included in your membership is your shop page, 4 sponsored postsan annual sidebar ad & community citizenship (a $1520 value if purchased separately). For $1 a day you become part our growing network of makers and a collaborator in our goodness.
  2. We make it easy: Our marketplace takes the guesswork out of finding services, supplies & resources so instead of getting lost searching the options available and trying to decide who to trust entrepreneurs can shop the services and supplies they need in one friendly, credible place.
  3. Build your reputation: OMHG has established itself as a trusted resource for creatives and our high standards of awesome protect our community with a careful review of each marketplace application.
  4. Community marketing: OMHG has been featured across the web and has a large support base of media, creative experts, and entrepreneurs of all sizes. By joining our marketplace you get access to our network and the chance to be a part of our success.
  5. Connect with our community:  Be featured on the Oh My blog four times a year (a $700 value) and regular rotation on the marketplace home page. Use your feature posts to share your business with our makers & entrepreneurs or get creative with our readers. Connect with other shops who offer complementary services – we’re happy to share your collaborations on social media and on OMHG!
  6. Get collaborative: We’re a small business too and are always open to ideas for how we can support our members, collaborate to spread the word about your awesomeness and strengthen our community. Have a great concept for growing the marketplace or connecting with other shops? Let’s do it!

What kind of services & supplies are welcome to the marketplace? 

Check out our Apply Now page for all the details! 

How do I create my shop? 

Setting up your shop is as easy as filling out an online form-visit our Apply Now page for details, 

Can I sign my handmade shop up for the Oh My! Marketplace? 

Sorry our marketplace is for services and supplies only, there are many lovely handmade marketplaces out there to help get the word out about your products and we don’t want to compete with them. If you are looking for support as you grow your business check out our community memberships!

How do I host my own images for the marketplace? 

  1. Make sure all your photos are sized to the exact dimensions listed on the submission form.
  2. To minimize load time on the site marketplace shops host their own product images and banner. If you have your own website or blog you can copy and paste the direct* link to your uploaded images. A direct link should go straight to the image not a web page and usually ends in .jpg, .gif, or .png and link sto the image not a page.
  3. Or host photos on a platform like Dropbox. If you are using Dropbox be sure to replace the www. in the url with dl. Eg: becomes
  4. Please do NOT use Facebook or Flickr to host your images as it is against their guidelines.

Make the most of your membership:

  • Submit your quarterly posts!
  • Keep your shop fresh & make sure all your links work
  • Update your shop with new offerings + let us know by email or on Twitter @ohmyhandmade and we’ll spread the word
  • Become a community member or purchase an annual marketplace membership to get access to our innovative social network and share your products & services by offering your help and expertise where you can.
  • Collaborate with OMHG on a project that will benefit our community of entrepreneurs.

How do I cancel my marketplace shop? 

Cancel your account by visiting your account page and entering your username (usually your email) and your password which you can reset if you’ve lost. You can also cancel PayPal subscriptions through your PayPal account by following these steps.

Refund Policy 

Marketplace Memberships are non-refundable but can be cancelled any time by following the steps above.

Marketplace Mail

Once you’ve become a member sign up for Marketplace Mail to get updates on marketplace news and opportunities.

If you have a question not answered here or need any help setting up your shop contact us, we’re happy to help!